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Outdoor Activities

May I just say in case I don't say so enough or at all that the team at this nursery have been fantastic and the best support I've ever received. Telena is amazing and her management and coordination is exceptional. The team as a whole have a been a great support to my son and made daycare a fun and beneficial experience. To anyone who may be looking for childcare for their little jewels, I would highly recommend Brainy Bugs Nursery. It's a family business that supports your family in giving your child the best start. Amazing place

Elisa Blackledge

Telena is a professional and will go through numbers, letters, grammar even potty training!


I can't wait for my little girl to go to brainy bugs. I know she will have lots of fun, learn loads and most importantly be well cared for. Peace of mind at last!


My daughter will definitely be using Brainy Bugs! The children will be well looked after, have fun and learn without even realising it.


About Us

Brainy Bugs is a childminding service where the entire ground floor of our home has been converted into a stimulating and spacious learning environment.

We provide a non-discriminate environment in which the child is considered an important individual. The overall aim is to create a safe and secure environment which meets the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of every child.

Inside we have two large rooms, the playroom and the learning zone. The learning zone is where our children partake in group activities and tailored one to one session’s. As we are a childminder’s our numbers are small this allows for a more homely one to one approach to your child’s care and development.


Telena Longmore

CEO and Manager

I have over 10 years of experience working with children and young adults. I am a passionate and nurturing individual with a particular interest in children’s care and development.

My passion led me to work in various settings, from being a nanny to a play-leader at a summer club in Muswell Hill (where I gained extensive experience in working with children with autism and special needs) to working with vulnerable young adults in hostels for LB Camden.

Most recently I worked at St Michael’™s primary school working with children aged four to 11. It is here that I gained firsthand knowledge of children’s education. I was able to gain experience in the classroom and ran my own after school clubs. I received several commendations from parents for my work with the children.

While looking for childcare; I discovered the importance of having a safe, loving and stimulating environment for my child. This prompted me to pursue a career in childminding, where I believe I can offer the best level of care for children.

I studied primary education at Middlesex University and also have certificates in childcare, child education, autism awareness, and many more. I am OFSTED registered. I have paediatric first aid training, safeguarding and food hygiene certification.

A Day At Brainy Bugs


Breakfast is followed by morning exercise and free play. Children are fed a nutritious breakfast variety of:

  • Fruit
  • Cereal
  • Toast
  • Yoghurt
  • Porridge

Circle Time

Circle time consists of songs, stories and flashcards and promotes social, literacy and numeracy skills.

Circle Time is followed by a snack of fruit, rice cakes and organic biscuits and then outdoor or free play.

Group Activity

The children partake in a morning group activity which aims to work towards the nationally approved learning outcomes, in the six curriculum areas; in the guidance to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The curriculum areas are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

Lunch Time

The children are fed a nutritious and well balanced meal. Culturally diverse foods are shared throughout the year and special dietary needs are met as far as possible.

Nap Time

The children are settled down to a well deserved, short nap; to ensure they have enough energy for the afternoon’s activities. After nap time, children are given a small snack.

Free/Outdoor Play

Group Activity

The children partake in an afternoon group activity which aims to work towards the nationally approved learning outcomes, in the six curriculum areas; in the guidance to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Tea Time

The children are fed a nutritious and well balanced meal. Tea time is followed by story time, free play and home time.

Our Activities

The daily programs are planned around the children™s interests; following detailed observations and assessment of each individual child.

Children are given unlimited opportunities for role-play through props, dressing up clothes and small world play. The children’s Physical, and Creative Development are promoted (among many other things!) through free access to a wide selection of outdoor equipment.

The children can help themselves to a wide range of writing, drawing, painting and malleable materials at all times. The same applies to all daily art/craft activities some of which are based on the current activities and experiences we are planning for the children. Communication, Language and Literary and Mathematics are prioritised in a practical way in all play activities.



Children get the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, such as planting seeds for our vegetable garden.






Arts and Crafts

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